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Rental Properties

Sea Whale Motel, House and Cottages. These properties have a policy of no smoking/no pets or animals allowed by renters or visitors to the property, or in parked cars temporarily or overnight.


Motel, located at 150 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown, RI 02842
House and Cottage, located at 222 Prospect Ave., Middletown, RI 02842 (Between Aquidneck and Paradise Avenues)

Rental Fee

Varies, see Motel, House, 2 Bedroom Cottage, 3 Bedroom Cottage pages for more information.

Motel Cancellation Policy

All changes and cancellations must be made within the following time to avoid a charge of the first night’s stay plus tax:

One room: 3 days before day of check-in to avoid a charge of the first night’s stay + tax

Two or more rooms: 7 days before day of check-in to avoid a charge of the first night’s stay + tax per room

House & Cottages Policies

If cancelled at least 14 days before day of check in, you’ll get a 100% refund of your stay.

If cancelled within 7 days before day of check in, you’ll get a 50% refund of your stay.

Refundable Damage Deposit Required: $300

Cleaning Fee: $125


Guests of our house and cottages must first sign a short term rental lease to be submitted with reservation along with 50% deposit.

All guests agree that no more than the designated number of guests in each lease or reservation shall be permitted on the Property at any time during the rental term, all of whom shall comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed upon Guest under this Agreement. This includes visitors to the property during the rental term.

Condition and Use of Property

Guest shall use the Property for residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent any damage or loss to the Property, and keep the Property in clean and sanitary condition at all times, so as to avoid additional cleaning fees to be deducted from the Refundable Damage Deposit. Guest and any additional permitted guests shall refrain from making loud noise and shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors, nor shall Guest use the Property for any immoral, offensive or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law, or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the Property.

Unavailability of Property

In the event the Property is not available for use during the Rental Term due to reasons, events or circumstances beyond the control of Landlord(s)/Rental Agent, the Landlord(s)/Rental Agent will apply due diligence and good faith efforts to locate a replacement property that equals or exceeds the Property with respect to occupancy capacity, location and value that meets the reasonable satisfaction of the Guest. If such replacement property cannot be found and made available, the Landlord(s)/Rental Agent shall immediately return all payments made by the Guest, whereupon this Agreement shall be terminated and Guest and Landlord(s)/Rental Agent shall have no further obligations or liabilities in any manner pertaining to this Agreement.

Security and Surveillance

Security cameras are installed in public areas of the Property to ensure your safety and peace of mind while you enjoy your stay.


Teresa M. O’Donnell
Jeffrey D. Burgess
C/O Sea Whale Motel — Office
150 Aquidneck Ave. (Route 138A)
Middletown (Newport East), RI 02842-5610
General Motel #: 401-846-7071
Toll-Free Motel #: 888-257-4096